Hidden Potential Quiz Result

zm2023年11月26日 18:11


Based on your responses, your strongest character skill lies in being an imperfectionist. You know the difference between situations where it’s worthwhile to give your all and times when it isn’t necessary to be in top form.

To unlock your hidden potential, it might be helpful to work toward becoming more of a discomfort seeker. That involves putting yourself in unfamiliar situations that stretch you beyond your strengths.

For example, you might deliberately take on a challenge that you don’t feel quite ready to pursue. You could also try teaching someone else how to do a task that you haven’t mastered yet.


This quiz is based on Adam Grant's research on three character skills that help to unleash hidden potential:

  • Imperfectionists know when to aim for the best and when to be satisfied with good enough
  • Discomfort seekers refuse to let feelings of awkwardness, insecurity, and embarrassment stand in the way of growth
  • Sponges absorb useful information and filter out less relevant perspectives